Dec 22, 2010

about this person whom i love (:

he's like my everthing

Yes boo , you are my everything (:
Thank you for everything sayaang , thank you for always been there for me . You always there when i need you . Takkan ada sesape pun dalam dunia ni yg boleh gantikan bie (: Lelaki inilah yang selalu buat saya senyum , buat saya blushing , buat saya melompat lompat , buat saya risau bila dia tk reply ! buat saya termimpi mimpi pasal dia , buat saya tak mau makan kalau merajuk . Dan sebab itulah , imma deeply in love with you biee (:
You're my superman and i wanna be your louis lane (:
31st August 2010 ,
That's the night you stole my heart 
Thank you fr everything boo , thank you fr fulfill my heart with happiness . 
I LOVE YOU , since the first day I knew you (:
' abang seluar putih kirim salam '
hee , sumpah tidak akan lupa malam tu :DD
i just wish you are mine forever , please do remeber that i'll always
LOVE YOU no matter what happen .    
                                                                                                          with love ,
                                                                                                         sabrina iman (:

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